Jacob Jessen's exhibition "Things that don't appear. Here"
February 1st - 13th
Raja Gallery, Raja 11A, Tallinn


Opening on Thursday, 31.01.13, at 18.00

Diamonds were created approximately 1 or 3 billion years ago. Due to its density the diamond slows the speed of light that pass through it. They probably make bad disco balls.

Jacob Jessen opens us an introvert space, where the things themselves, every object there, is like an uttered word. The things appear as poems that capture something uncatchable - like time, infinity or parallel realities.The gallery spotlights illuminate a diamond, that refracts light. Two out of frame window panes have lost their function as the invisible border between looking in or out. The mirrors of the building are gathered to create a light trap, infinite and inescapable.


Curated by Kirke Kangro




Harald Havsteen-Mikkelsens exhibition about Identity theft at Tallinn TV-tower


From on October 5 the exhibition ”10 wrong ways to deal with Identity theft” by the Danish artist and writer Harald Havsteen-Mikkelsen will be displayed in the TV-tower in Tallinn.


Harald Havsteen-Mikkelsen, a Danish artist and fiction writer started his art studies in Tallinn when he was an exchange student in 1992-93. He recently published the novel 'Svagpisser', and has for three years been working on a continous art project. The project is based on a real theft of his domain, by a Russian Identity thief, who uses the domain to create a new version of him. Through prints the exhibition deals with the artists thoughts and reactions after realizing, that a Russian Identity Thief is using his former domain.



Read more about the art project and artist himself at.


Prize winning designs from INDEX: Award 2011 on exhibition in Tallinn

INDEX: Design To Improve Life® is a Danish non-profit organization which every other year arrange a design competition. The idea behind the competition and the organisations main goal is to inspire, educate and engage people in using design to improve life-skills to develop sustainable solutions to global and local challenges.


Amongst the designs in the exhibition is Hövding, a self-inflating air bag for cyclists which can be worn as a scarf and Elemental Monterre, a new model for social housing.

The INDEX:Award 2011 Exhibition in Tallinn is taking place at Rotermanni Plats from on 20. September – 30. September. The exhibition is a part of the Design Night Festival.


More information:

Design Night Festival




                INDEX: Award 2011 Exhibition, photo: DKI


Seaplane Harbour Museum, Tallinn

The Seaplane Harbour is a new, interactive maritime museum that opened in Tallinn 12 May 2012.


The museum tells the tale of Estonian maritime history and is comprised of exhibits of submarines, sea planes, other marine artefacts and even an icebreaker. The museum has an impressive setting built up around old seaplane hangars. The seaplane hangars are architecturally unique – they were the first shell constructions made of reinforced concrete of that size in the world, and were designed and built in 1916-17 by the Danish entrepreneurs Christiani & Nielsen.


The hangars have now been extensively renovated and the current Seaplane Harbour Museum is perhaps one of Northern Europe’s most interesting and modern interactive maritime museums.
The exhibition is permanent, open all year round and situated near the city centre.


Please see the museum’s homepage for further information.


Inside view of the seaplane hangars in April 2012. Photo: A. Maasik, Seaplane Harbour, Estonian Maritime Museum


SPATIUM – Contemporary Danish Art Exhibition at KUMU

The exhibition is the first in the many events in connection with the Danish EU presidency in Estonia.


The opening speeches were given by the director of KUMU Mrs. Anu Liivak and the minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia Mr. Urmas Paet.


The exhibition is site specific, created specially for KUMU by the young Danish artists, most of whom were present at the opening. Lectures, workshops and presentations are integrated into the exhibition. There is exhibition catalogue in English and Estonian languages available. Initiated by the Institute, the exhibition has grown into a collaboration project of the art museum KUMU and Danish Embassy in Estonia. It has been supported by the Danish Arts Agency, Danish Arts Council, the Danish Embassy in Estonia, the Danish Cultural Institute, DSV transport, Plahn Systems, Tura Scandinavia and Bico Professionel.


The participating artists. Photo: Archive 


Tove Storch, Jacob Jessen, Lea Porsager, Kasper Akhøj, Rolf Nowotny, Marie Kølbæk Iversen, Tamar Guimarães, Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Torben Ribe and Jacob Kirkegaard.


Time and Place:
KUMU Art Museum
5th floor, Gallery of Contemporary Art
34 Weizenbergi, Valge 1, 10127 Tallinn, Estland
Telephone: +372 602 6000



Saturday events at the exhibition "SPATIUM. Danish Contemporary Art"


14.04 at 16

Lecture by Merilin Mets about contemporary painting with the example of Torben Ribe's creative work


The efforts of Torben Ribe on looking for an artistic form are based on commonplace objects of everyday life, thus pushing medium of painting towards ignorance. Trivial or unknown seems to be more interesting. Instead of fighting the weaknesses of people, he is creating a portrait with the readily applicable means of imperfection itself.


21.04 at 16

Dance performance dedicated to the installation of Marie Kølbæk Iversen "Retroaction VII (Stalker)" in KUMU auditorium. The performance will be followed with a discussion.


Marie Kølbæk Iversen examines the emptiness. With the cameras and projectors, which usually are meant to show sometning, is created an environment showing „nothingness“. The dance show in collaboration with the Danish composer Erwin Thomas and Swedish dancer Kajsa Sandström brings the same technique to the stage.


28.04 at 16

Lecture "Art and place. Place and object" by Kati Ilves


The lecture will focus on the work of Jacob Kirkegaard and Kasper Akhøj. Jacob Kirkegaard and his works „Aion“ and „Wormwood“ operate with „dangerous“ zones. The installation of Kasper Akhøj „Absracta“ uses an everyday life object to lead the spectator through the similarity of the remote, culturally different places. Through their works both artists are observing the specific site of the exhibits.


Participation in the events with the museum ticket.


Architecture exhibition: EIGHT EIGHTS


Opening of the exhibition EIGHT EIGHTS is on January 5th at The Museum of Estonian Architecture at 18.00. The exhibition is organized by an architectural magazine PROJECT BALTIA in cooperation with the Danish Cultural Institute.


The exhibition is based on a work by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) architects of Copenhagen – a residential complex 8House. BIG won the 1st prize at the World Architecture Festival 2011 in housing category.


Exhibition Eight Eights will present 7 versions of 8House. Villem Tomiste + Stuudio Tallinn is represented from Estonia. PROJECT BALTIA´s publisher Bart Goldhoorn has started a cooperation project between 7 architectural firms from the Baltic region. Each of them has proposed a new design for the facade. The aim of this project is to seek an answer to a question – whether it is possible to reproduce  a building in a new location. Organizers have raised a question about whether the current architectural paradigm, that concentrates on uniqueness, is regarded sustainable.



Participants: BIG (Copenhagen), ALA (Helsinki), Villem Tomiste + Stuudio Tallinn (Tallinn), Studio 44 (St Petersburg), MADE (Riga), Wingårdhs (Gothenburg), Andre Baldi (Klaipeda), Mackow (Wroslaw)


PROJECT BALTIA is planning to show Eight Eights in other cities involved during 2012. The show will be accompanied by public discussions and lectures given by participating architecture firms.

Address: The Museum of Estonian Architecture, Rotermann’s Salt Storage, Ahtri 2, Tallinn
Read more: and

Estonian exhibition coordinator: Gregor Taul



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